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Dear Parents / Guardians and Candidates for Confirmation:

            It being a new year, and my being new here at St. Vincent de Paul Parish, I am excited about the prospects of meeting you, whether you are connected to St. Michael Catholic School or another school in the vicinity! 

            This parish is about to begin the preparation program for the Sacrament of Confirmation.  It is customary for young people to be prepared to celebrate this sacrament during the grade 8 school year.  Be mindful, though, that eligibility to receive the sacrament is not based solely upon grade or age.  The first criterion is one's openness to, and readiness for, the sacrament -- that is to say, it is a free decision, a deliberate and responsible choice, not something routine to go through.

            A word to you, parent(s): consider the importance of Confirmation in a young Catholic's life.  Despite the very real challenges posed by the COVID-19 pandemic, nonetheless I invite you also to keep in mind the importance of participating in Sunday Eucharist (Mass) -- in person, preferably. 

            The preparation process for Confirmation is a shared responsibility of parents, pastors, and teachers; however, it is the responsibility of the parish to guide and facilitate the immediate preparation leading to the day of celebration, which is May 10, 2022.  This preparation will formally commence with an orientation video presentation, which can be accessed through the St. Vincent de Paul Parish website ( - a link will be made available to you around mid-January on our home page.  In order for your son or daughter to best enter into the preparation, it is essential for them to watch this short video (along with yourselves as parents).

            To enroll, a registration form will be available for you to download from the website.  Note: this form is only from the parish and not from the school.  It may be returned as a PDF or JPG attachment, or else it can be placed inside the church office door.  As well, a copy of the candidate's baptism certificate will need to be obtained and attached to the form.  Lastly, a modest registration fee of $15 is payable via "School Cash" online.  The deadline to have all the information completed and submitted is February 14.

            The whole adventure of being a Catholic Christian is a celebration, and the Sacrament of Confirmation is part of that greater celebration of life and love.  Here is a message for everyone: now is the time to get motivated!  If you have any questions, do not hesitate to e-mail us at  I look forward to seeing you at some point, but that will depend upon the nature of this virus!  It will be a pleasure to work with you parents, our young people, and the teachers in a time of spiritual growth!


All joy be yours, in the Lord,


Fr. Peter T. Rowe

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